In this fine episode, JJ and Linda discuss the importance of having VO friends to confide in, relate to, and break up the monotony of working home alo...View Details

In this episode, Linda and JJ cover 2 listener questions.   #1 Is the Voiceover Industry seasonal? And should demos reflect that? #2 How do you know w...View Details

Linda Bruno and JJ Wilson talk frankly about Text To Speech technology and the possible realities we may all face. And of course, casual chat about th...View Details

Linda chats with her friend, Barb Lyon about Branding yourself for the VO world. They discuss the informative and helpful book by Celia Siegal, "Voice...View Details

In this enlightening edition of The Voiceover Gurus podcast, JJ and Linda discuss sessions that didn't go as planned. As well as various studio setups...View Details

VO Veterans, JJ Wilson, and Linda Bruno answer a listeners question. What would they tell their younger selves about the Voiceover Industry? Join us, ...View Details

In this go-round, JJ and Linda discuss our new reality and how it's affecting being a Voice Actor.   Visit The Voiceover Gurus  for more information o...View Details

Join us as we welcome studio producer extraordinaire, David Hughes!

Linda Bruno and JJ Wilson answer questions from students, as well as chat about demos and embracing your natural sound.   Linda Bruno Voice Actress JJ...View Details

This time on the Voiceover Gurus Podcast, Linda Bruno sounds off on other talent mistakes, then she and JJ Wilson discuss their Monthly Online Workout...View Details

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