In this episode of The Voiceover Gurus podcast, LL and JJ discuss an issue that sometimes occurs with clients, as well as their thoughts on the many V...View Details

In another titillating episode of the Voiceover Gurus Podcast, JJ and Linda answer a listeners' question about dealing with performance anxiety and ho...View Details

Another fantastic listener and budding VO Actor submitted a great question to the Gurus. What is the process after you've booked a job? JJ and Linda d...View Details

In another episode of the Voiceover Gurus Podcast, Linda and JJ talk about the lifestyle of being a Voice Actor, and of course the realities, as only ...View Details

Versatility as a performer is essential to become successful, so letting go behind the mic is important to learn. JJ and Linda discuss the concept and...View Details

Today we discuss the importance of interpreting scripts as voice talent, as well as how we approach demo production. JJ Wilson Voiceover Linda Bruno V...View Details

Its the end of Summer, so why not talk about the exciting aspects of starting your business legally? No snooze fest here, but Linda and JJ cover how t...View Details

In this fine episode, JJ and Linda discuss the importance of having VO friends to confide in, relate to, and break up the monotony of working home alo...View Details

In this episode, Linda and JJ cover 2 listener questions.   #1 Is the Voiceover Industry seasonal? And should demos reflect that? #2 How do you know w...View Details

Linda Bruno and JJ Wilson talk frankly about Text To Speech technology and the possible realities we may all face. And of course, casual chat about th...View Details

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