Time to talk about Agents! Love em or Hate em, they are an important part of our industry. JJ and Linda talk about their experiences with this part of...View Details

JJ Wilson and Linda Bruno share some of the lessons they have learned over the course of their VO career. Email us at Info@Voiceover.Guru   FOR MORE ...View Details

JJ Wilson and Linda Bruno discuss the importance of knowing your worth as a voice talent and how to not sell out.   FOR MORE INFO ON THE VOICEOVER GUR...View Details

In this splendiferous episode, JJ and Linda discuss the dangers of reading too many online voiceover opinions and how to forge ahead despite the scary...View Details

We love when listeners send us questions about the biz, so on this episode, we answer a few from a new listener and workout participant.  Great advice...View Details

Time for another scintillating episode of The Voiceover Gurus Podcast with a snazzy new open. In this episode, JJ and Linda chat about the right attit...View Details

In this Episode, we answer a student's question regarding editing and voicing to video, as well as other fun facts that only the Gurus can give.   FOR...View Details

In this episode of The Voiceover Gurus podcast, LL and JJ discuss an issue that sometimes occurs with clients, as well as their thoughts on the many V...View Details

In another titillating episode of the Voiceover Gurus Podcast, JJ and Linda answer a listeners' question about dealing with performance anxiety and ho...View Details

Another fantastic listener and budding VO Actor submitted a great question to the Gurus. What is the process after you've booked a job? JJ and Linda d...View Details

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