So much information was given during our Marketing Do's and Don'ts that we couldn't cover it all, so we had to record a second podcast! This is it.  ...View Details

JJ Wilson is back and joins Linda on this podcast to talk all about auditions and the reality of auditioning. Including the frustrations and what we d...View Details

On this episode, both Linda and Barb are dealing with the crud of a cold, but they still manage to discuss questions about accents and foreign languag...View Details

Marketing marketing marketing! What's a voice talent to do? On this episode, one of Lindas' students, Rob Carbone - a former Marketing Guru, discusses...View Details

On this podcast, join Linda as she chats with Barb Lyon about reinventing yourself during a Sophomore slump, as well as how to find the right Voice Co...View Details

It's been a while but Linda finally steps up to the mic to discuss why she's flying solo, as well as how to deal with life's inevitable stressors. She...View Details

Linda chats with Marketing and Branding man, Corey Dissin, who also has decades of experience as the Vice President for a large production company. Co...View Details

In this episode, JJ Wilson returns from a very eventful holiday season. He and Linda discuss his experience dealing with a massive heart attack and ho...View Details

Mike Hand turns the tables on Linda this week and interviews her about the benefits of practicing Improv. She discusses why it's so valuable for Voice...View Details

Do you know what happens before a script gets to the Voiceover talent? On this episode, Linda sits with her friend Dave Goldberg, studio owner and voi...View Details

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